Powermat goes global

Powermat will expand its reach at an ambitious rate of one global market per month through the end of 2010. The announcement was made in support of partners around the world, who have called upon the company to access every market that can benefit from wireless energy.

In meeting the global demand for Powermat products, the company will expand its current distribution channels to carriers, wireless agents, mobile phone retailers, specialty retail and mass market retailers throughout the North American, South American, Asian, Australian and pan-European markets.

Just four months ago, Powermat launched its premiere product line in the US to great success as consumers flocked to stores with over 750,000 units shipped and widespread sell outs in just the first two months of availability.

Having solidified a stronghold on the consumer market, Powermat will introduce new supportive technology aimed at the OEM. The company will pioneer its new Adaptive ASIC (A2) chip; a breakthrough achieved by miniaturizing Powermat technology to a level that allows for seamless integration into virtually any device. Adaptive ASIC draws on infrastructure already in place by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) as a basis for adapting Powermat wireless capability to fit the need of the OEM rather than the other way around.

“We do the work so they don’t have to,” said Ran Poliakine, CEO. “The OEM now has the ability to input multiple charging parameters into a processor and, in a matter of minutes, obtain a custom designed receiver that fits their specific device.”

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