PRD Acquire Face Value Ltd

PRD Technologies Limited (PRD) is delighted to announce the acquisition of Face Value Ltd. Established 15 years ago, Face Value provide bureau billing services to mostly UK based telecom resellers.

Based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, PRD specialise in data processing and telecoms billing software, including the QuickStart Billing platform for telecom resellers. PRD have developed bespoke tier-one and tier-two billing and related systems for telecom carriers. PRD also provide the toolsets to enable IT departments to develop and configure their own data processing or billing related systems.

PRD have retained key Face Value staff, which will help ensure continuity. PRD can offer Face Value customers access to advanced billing solutions, customer support and alternative options if they wish. Due to the highly configurable nature of the underlying technology, PRD offers all new QuickStart customers free customisation, migration and set-up, which includes customer web-portals and integration into third-party systems (direct debit collection systems, accounting systems etc) at no cost what-so-ever, either as a fully managed/bureau service, or customer sited options.

For PRD, the acquisition is an opportunity to complement our strategy of controlled and steady organic growth, with a new customer base that can easily be integrated into existing capacity without compromising our quality of service.

For Face Value customers and staff, the acquisition must create improvements and opportunities and we will make sure of this.

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