Premiership Rugby Club Sale Sharks Scores Perfect Try with ShoreTel

ShoreTel has announced that Sale Sharks, an Aviva premiership rugby club, has deployed a ShoreTel UC system with the ShoreTel Communicator application for desktop and mobile connectivity. ShoreTel was selected to improve communications with fans and partners, as well as support remote working.

The Sale Sharks’ displaced legacy system had become obsolete, unable to accommodate new telephone ports and meet the needs of the rugby club’s expanding workforce. With no voicemail capabilities, the previous system also left the club unable to retrace missed calls. The Sale Sharks needed a communication system to unite its disparate workforce across the Carrington training ground and Edgeley Park HQ, to provide mobile services while participating in community-based projects, and to offer access to voicemail both locally and remotely.

“Sale Sharks works closely with the local community, developing relationships with education institutes, community centres, local authorities and businesses. Communication is the key to our success and the club needed a system that could support staff scattered across its local operations and respond to the needs of our growing fan base and partner ecosystem,” said Nathan Bombrys, Commercial Director at Sale Sharks. “ShoreTel’s Unified Communications system means our staff, supporters, partners, and players are all connected through one seamless and integrated communications environment.”

By migrating to a single scalable ShoreTel UC system, the club took back control of its phone system and provided employees with a single interface to manage all their business communications. ShoreTel’s intuitive communication tools ensure inquiries are dealt with quickly and effectively, and that the club’s workforce can be reached regardless of location. Users can access voicemails, directories, address books and call history remotely via telephone, mobile or computer connections.

“The ShoreTel UC system offers Sale Sharks’ workforce access to the same capabilities whether they are at their desk, at home, or by the pitch. Being responsive to supporters and marketing inquiries is critical for business, and the new system ensures all inquires are directed to the appropriate parties effectively,” said John Howard, Managing Director, EMEA, ShoreTel. “Following the success of this deployment, Sale Sharks is now expanding its ShoreTel solution with a fully integrated ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center for its ticketing office.”

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