Proporta kills germs on mobile devices

Proporta, the Brighton based gadget and mobile accessory manufacturer, has announced the launch of the Antibacterial Germ Resistant Advanced Screen Protector, which uses Steritouch technology to guard against bugs and nasty’s, and offers the ultimate in hygienic protection.

Proporta has offered ultra-clear and super-robust Advanced Screen Protectors for years. Easy to apply and offering the highest level of screen protection, these ingenious accessories have been an invaluable safeguard for mobile devices across the smartphone market and beyond.

But now Proporta has come up with something new, and this time it is aimed at defending not just the gadgets but also the users themselves. Bacteria multiply rapidly. In independent laboratory tests, the E. coli population on an untreated screen protector soared from 200,000 to 13 million in 24 hours. The unique SteriTouch coating on Proporta Antimicrobial Screen Protectors not only prevent this unbridled growth, but eradicates the E. coli completely.

SteriTouch is an established technology which is entirely safe and remains effective for the lifetime of the coating, and its partnership with Proporta is already well established through the unique range of Antimicrobial Silicone Cases.

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