Protect Your Customers, Protect Yourself

VanillaIP, a leading UK Hosted PABX and SIP Trunk provider, has announced the release of their real-time billing and CDR feed within the Uboss portal. This offers VanillaIP resellers, and their customers, considerable security and functionality improvements including automatic outbound toll barring of all company extensions when credit limits exceeded, anytime 24/7.

David Dadds, Managing Director of VanillaIP said, “By streaming CDR’s constantly, Resellers and customers can see the volume and cost of all inbound and outbound call traffic for that day, month or any given period. All call information is available through the Uboss Provisioning portal.”

As a hosted solution, there is no distinction between where VanillaIP users are located. Remote sites, home workers, FMC users, hot desk users and regular office extensions are all included with reports on one-net, intra-company, internal and external calls. All customer traffic can be manipulated with extensive filtering and reporting. Standard call logger reports include outbound calls stats by extension, department, cost, duration etc.

Dadds continued, “For outbound sales teams this can include total time outbound, numbers dialled, average duration etc up to the minute. Inbound stats include the number and duration of calls to individual DDI’s and group numbers. This can include the numbers of any abandoned calls and a historical record of all inbound calls from a specific number and which extension or Agent took the call.”

Toll Fraud Protection

Resellers have the capability to allocate credit limits on outbound calls for individual extensions and customer groups. When these thresholds are at 80% the Reseller and customer is notified via email. When the limit is breached all outbound calls are toll-barred. Inbound calls in this situation are unaffected. The importance of this cannot be overstated; today we continue to see customers whose PBX has been hacked and used to run up extortionate call charges. This typically results in a tug of war between the PBX Reseller and the carrier over who foots the bill. John Dunbar, at VanillaIP reseller EOS Communications, highlights the importance of auto toll barring, “The Uboss credit limit facility provides our customers a level of assurance that their system cannot be hijacked and allows us to avoid a potentially nightmare scenario. Naturally customers have different calling volumes so the ability to change credit limits is key to us.”

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