ProVu wins Ferry Call Centre

ProVu, the leading UK VoIP Distributor and IITAC, their Rochdale based reseller, has won an order to supply NorthLink Ferries with a ProTalk SARK HA (High Availability) IP PBX for NorthLinks 50 seat call centre based at Stromness in the Orkney’s.

NorthLink Ferries, owned by the Scottish Government, provide a lifeline ferry service to the outlying Orkneys and Shetland Isles, providing essential links for both commercial freight services and domestic travel. The NorthLink call centre operates seven days a week from 8.00am to 20.00pm providing essential up-to-date information on sailings, conditions and bookings.

With Northlinks call centre based in Stromness and often subject to severe weather conditions, it can sometimes be day or more before engineers can reach them to service the phone system. For this reason, reliability and remote serviceability were the key factors in NorthLink’s selection of a ProTalk SARK 1000-HA, High Availability system together with snom IP phones.

The ProTalk SARK HA system is based on twin servers with identical configurations and connected by a “heart-beat” mechanism. In the event of either hardware or software failure, the HA platform provides full automatic failover to the standby system without needing any external input to either the PBX, IP phones or ISDN lines. Comprehensive testing of the platform has shown failover takes just eleven seconds to resynchronize both the IP phones and the ISDN30e circuits.

Ian Godfrey, Director of ProVu Communications, the exclusive UK distributor and systems integrator of SARK added, “To put this into perspective; if you were ‘in-call’ and the system took a hit, within the time it took to re-dial, the secondary system would be back automatically on-line”. He concluded, “We know of no other, mid-range SIP/TDM platform that can give this level of resilience at such an affordable price point.”

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