Psion Teklogix and Mobile Tornado partner on rugged mobile devices

Psion Teklogix, a provider of mobile computing solutions, and Mobile Tornado, a push to talk (P2T) technology company, have announced that Psion Teklogix will now resell and support Mobile Tornado’s Push-to technology on its rugged mobile computers.

This partnership will enable organisations to communicate with, alert and locate workers via Psion’s handheld computers at the push of a button, thereby reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving safety.

Mobile Tornado’s software provides instantaneous interaction on mobile devices for streamlined communications and improved efficiency in the field.

With the proven reliability of Psion Teklogix devices and Mobile Tornado’s Push-to”solutions, companies can save both time and money by improving service levels with instant communications.

The combination of Mobile Tornado software running on Psion Teklogix’ handhelds eliminates the need for workers to carry a separate mobile handset for P2T in addition to their rugged mobile device. Psion customers will now also be able to track employees in the field with Mobile Tornado’s Push to Locate, as well as send instant alerts in the event of an emergency with Push to Alert for improved effectiveness and safety.

Under the terms of the agreement, Mobile Tornado will run the infrastructure and platform for the Push-to service for Psion customers.

“Our partnership with Psion will allow us to further extend our software to organisations that want the convenience of instant communication, but require the ruggedness and reliability that Psion handhelds provide,” said Marcus Warren, sales director of mobile services at Mobile Tornado. “We look forward to working with Psion to expand the use of our software in these industrial markets.”

“Mobile Tornado’s innovative Push-to technology enables us to offer our customers a higher level of functionality on our Psion handhelds and eliminates the need for workers to carry multiple devices,” said Dave Peddemors, vice president North America sales at Psion Teklogix. “The addition of this instant communication service on our rugged computers extends their value in the field and helps to save organisations even more money by streamlining communications and tracking.”

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