Pulsant Expands Data Centre

Pulsant has announced the expansion of its well-established South Gyle tier 3 data centre site, based just outside of Edinburgh, with the construction of a new facility.

The expansion project includes the construction of two new data halls, consisting of up to 64 racks in each, as well as build and configuration rooms and secure storage areas. The new facility will feature two-factor authentication security access and will be configurable according to specific customer requirements.

“This expansion is part of Pulsant’s overall growth strategy which includes upgrading and growing our existing data centre sites,” says Matt Lovell, CTO, Pulsant. “The drive behind this strategy is to ensure we deliver cost-effective, highly secure, environmentally sound services to our customers through our technologically up-to-date facilities that deliver maximum uptime, redundancy and support.”

“The decision to expand our existing site means that new customers can effectively move right into the new halls once construction is complete, as the infrastructure to support the racks is already in place. For our existing customers this increase in capacity ensures that they experience no disruption to their service, but will be able to take advantage of the additional racks with ease,” says Lovell.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine