Purple Challenges BT and The Cloud by launching Free WiFi to Businesses and Venues

Taking on WiFi-providing giants BT and The Cloud, Purple, the intelligent spaces company, has announced a game-changing product – Purple Free.

What’s the difference between Purple Free and BT WiFi or The Cloud?

Purple Free offers a guest WiFi service without charge to the businesses or venue.

Purple says that users will receive a high level service that other providers charge for. This includes; simplistic login, branded splash pages and taster access to Purple’s customer insights. Purple Free also adheres to the Corporate Data Protection Policy.

Purple Free will go head-to-head with BT and The Cloud with the objective of revolutionising WiFi across key industries, including; hospitality, retail, leisure, events and stadium management.

Purple states it is intent on disrupting an industry it believes is charging customers unnecessary fees.

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO, Purple says, “Customers simply don’t need to pay excessive costs for a simple guest WiFi solution and with Purple Free, the price tag is instantly eliminated and the product is of a superior quality.

Many of the old guard utility WiFi vendors sell on the fear around lawful intercepts, privacy and data sovereignty which are all serious concerns that a venue operator should consider. Purple Free covers all these legal considerations by acting as the service provider, it also offers the ability to completely brand the experience, making sure customers feel a connection with the venue they are in, rather than a disconnected WiFi provider.

Purple was the first of its kind in the marketplace. We’ve always strived to be at the forefront of the market in terms of technology, innovation, staff and product development, and the launch of Purple Free will mark an exciting new chapter for both us and our global partners. By introducing a free of charge solution that exceeds any other solution on the market, it allows Purple to accelerate to the next stage of success in our business journey.”


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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine