Purple Offers WiFi Free to SMB Users

Purple has announced a new development with their free and licensed WiFi solutions.

The WiFi and analytics provider has made a bold move to disrupt the WiFi market. Purple are offering their enhanced solution, now called Purple SMB, free of charge to businesses with five access points or less.

Purple SMB will enable customers to acquire a guest WiFi service that adheres to Corporate Data Protection Policies and General Data Protection Regulations, free of charge. Businesses with five access points or less, will have unlimited access to CRM data, custom reports, social engagement tools, marketing tools and connectors such as TripAdvisor, all of which have been proven to deliver significant ROI.

Commenting on the decision, Gavin Wheeldon, CEO of Purple, said: “Businesses don’t need to pay excessive costs for a guest WiFi solution. With Purple SMB, they will have access to a cutting edge solution with market leading functionality without the price tag. By offering this solution for free, we are enabling small businesses to engage with their customers and provide a truly bespoke service.”

The solution will also present new opportunities for reseller businesses looking to generate revenue through offering a technical and/ or marketing support function for the Purple SMB solution.

Wheeldon continues: “With the introduction of Purple SMB, we will generate new opportunities for our business and others. We are also confident it will give us and our network of partners the edge when competing with other WiFi and analytics providers…”

“Purple SMB marks an exciting new chapter for us. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to develop our technologies and we are excited to see how this new solution will help drive our business forward”.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine