QoS seen as VoIP’s biggest hurdle reveals Newport

Session border controller manufacturer Newport Networks today reveals that managing quality of service is seen as the biggest obstacle to IP-based voice calls (VoIP) ahead of security and billing concerns, according to a recent poll of telecoms industry delegates at networking software event, SofNet. The results indicate that VoIP adoption rates are expected to slow if operators and service providers do not take steps to ensure quality as well as address security concerns for VoIP services.

A surprising 60 percent of delegates believed that VoIP is ‘reasonably secure’ with 1 in 10 considering it to be secure with just 30 percent believing it to be insecure. These figures are interesting considering that the majority of SIP based VoIP services do not use encryption. A significant majority (60 per cent) of delegates surveyed believe that service providers should be responsible for security, followed by 35 per cent feeling that both the service provider and subscriber should be responsible, and 5 per cent believing that it should be the sole responsibility of the subscriber.

When asked what they thought was the biggest threat to continued adoption of VoIP, nearly half of experts surveyed (43 per cent) named quality of service, followed by identity theft (28 per cent), lack of interconnect between services (20 per cent), and denial of service attacks (9 per cent). The majority (65 percent) of delegates predict that a two-tier VoIP billing model will emerge with service differentiation based on quality and price. Another 35 per cent of delegates think that more end-users will be willing to pay more for VoIP security as awareness of potential risks increases.

Dave Gladwin, VP of Product Marketing at Newport Networks comments, “It is clear that operators and service providers need to take action now to address fundamental issues such as quality of service and security to ensure they continue to retain or increase their market share. It is interesting to see that delegates placed a higher value on quality of service over security and billing concerns, pointing towards a need for better managed, robust IP networks to meet demand.”

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