Qualcomm powers next generation Windows phones

Qualcomm, a developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies, products and services, has announced it is powering many new Windows phones that are available today with its highly integrated MSM7xxx-series and Snapdragon chipsets.

Windows phones make it easy to manage work and home from a phone that is as unique as the person who carries it. Qualcomm’s chipset solutions deliver a significant competitive advantage to device manufacturers designing Windows phones by enabling slimmer, sleeker, more power efficient devices with advanced functionality and a high end user experience.

“A Windows phone gives people a single phone that works for their whole life, keeping them connected to the people and information they care about most by harnessing the power of the PC, phone and Web,” said Tom Gibbons, corporate vice president of mobile device strategy and commercialisation in the mobile communications business group, at Microsoft.

“Qualcomm chipsets provide the performance and technology necessary to deliver on the vision of a personalized, productive phone that ensures real-time information and powerful applications are always at a person’s fingertips, as evidenced by the adoption of Qualcomm products in the latest generation Windows phones available today.”

Said Luis Pineda, senior vice president of marketing and product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies: “Smartphones are quickly becoming a primary means of accessing the mobile Internet for a growing segment of consumers, and thus the capabilities that can be delivered become more crucial than ever before.

“Qualcomm and Microsoft have a long history of working together to bring advanced, compelling devices to the market, and we are pleased to be working closely together on the next generation of Windows phones.”

Many of the latest generation of Windows phones, including a new smartphone enabled with FLO TV, are powered by Qualcomm’s MSM7xxx-series and Snapdragon chipsets.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform offers an industry leading combination of mobile processing performance, optimised power consumption, ubiquitous connectivity and powerful multimedia in a single chip.

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