Quantify – Getting to Know your Customer

Lee Jones, Sales Director at Red Box says communications management products are a great way to find out more about your customer as well as being a vehicle through which your clients can measure and control their costs.

“This is why at Red Box we have launched Quantify, a new product suite which includes ‘intelligent’ user interface with added functionality including the most affordable analytics available in the marketplace. ‘Quantify’ is an intuitive fully web-based solution making it not only cost effective, but also easy to install, upgrade and maintain.

The new interface offers a highly effective analytical tool, which has the ability to quickly index and search through large quantities of audio using pre-defined key words. There is also a call logging application which produces an analysis in the form of reports, alerts and monitoring. This can result in reduced operational costs, improved employee productivity, early detection of fraud and network misuse, better budget control, improved VoIP QoS and optimised network resources.

Quantify is a natural progression for us at Red Box as we continually strive to deliver simple, easy to use solutions that involve best of breed applications. It can be implemented modularly, meaning excellent budgetary control, flexibility of deployment and unlimited scalability. It is completely web-based for ease of use and fast roll-out, and its simplicity means that it can be managed by operational personnel rather than the IT specialists. Customers can use their own hardware and operating system to maximise buying power if they prefer, or opt for a full turnkey solution for ease of procurement and support.”

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