Quantix Select Node4 to Host A New Managed Service

Node4 is now the host of a new managed service from Quantix. Juniper Select partner, Quantix, have launched an SSL VPN managed service, using Node4’s DC2 as a centralised host.

Simon Goodenough, Sales Director at Quantix comments “We were looking for a data centre which we could use to host our new managed service, we found Node4 who had just launched their DC2 and were able to provide us with many of the features we were looking for, including a resilient infrastructure and dedicated bandwidth.

Quantix will provide their customers with a fully managed remote access service, using Juniper’s market leading SSL VPN technology, to eliminate the need for costly ongoing maintenance and internal support. The product itself provides a variety of features to meet the needs of companies of all sizes, by providing access to business servers for remote employees and/or customers from a single platform

The Derby Data Centre is the perfect location for Quantix, with their head office based in Nottingham; the servers are easily accessed at any time by their technical team.

Mr Goodenough adds; “We are extremely happy with the service provided by Node4, especially as we have been able to add extra features onto our own product by co-locating it with them. I look forward to working with Node4 more in the future.”

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