QuesCom Launches Converged Gateway

QuesCom has launched their QuesCom 300 gateway saying it delivers the benefits of fixed-mobile-VoIP convergence, including a high level of mobility and cost savings on all calls, at a lower price point that was previously available – making it a unique proposition for channel partners and end-users alike.

The company adds that the gateway guarantees a quick return on investment by delivering a 50% reduction on fixed line to mobile calls by providing automatic access to the best value mobile phone tariff. The gateway also offers a 20% cost reduction for mobile phone to national fixed line numbers and an 80% reduction for calls made from mobile phones to international fixed line numbers.

These saving are achieved as the QuesCom 300 utilises QuesCom’s advanced Any SIM to Any Port (ASAP) technology, which optimises the price plans of the mobile SIM cards contained within each unit. This means that the gateway automatically activates or deactivates SIM cards in order to avoid over-consumption and to take advantage of the best tariffs – depending on whether the calls are made in the evening, during peak times or even at the weekend.

The QuesCom 300 also offers increased mobility for corporate users, allowing mobile phones to become an extension of a company’s fixed line PBX. This means mobile workers have access to the same telephony features and capabilities that are available on the company’s fixed line network – such as call transfer. Furthermore, when out of the office, the QuesCom 300 enables employees to receive all calls and faxes on a single DDI number by simply redirecting all voice and data communications to a selected phone.

In addition, the QuesCom 300 provides a true back-up system for corporate telecom networks by ensuring that if VoIP access is restricted for any reason, communications will automatically be transferred by the gateway to the appropriate ISDN or GSM network. This means companies always have access to high quality and reliable voice and data communications.

Supporting between 20 and 100 users per site, the QuesCom 300 hosts a maximum of 8 GSM channels, which enables up to 8 simultaneous calls to mobile phones. It also includes slots for up to 36 SIM cards – with space for a four GSM extension card. In addition, the gateway is IP native, making it compatible with current VoIP standards. It also allows companies to migrate from a traditional network to an IP-based one while keeping their exiting QuesCom 300 as it integrates with all ISDN PBX and IPBX (SIP H323).

“The QuesCom 300 solution offers a revolution in telephony architecture as it links fixed, GSM and VoIP networks together. All calls, including calls from mobile phones, will be transferred to the gateway, which then selects the most appropriate, and cost-effective channel to place the call,” said Teddy Théanne, Sales Director at QuesCom.

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