QuesCom Launches its New Mobile Call Server

Fixed-mobile VoIP telecom appliance vendor QuesCom has announced the launch of QuesCom Mobile Call Server dedicated to mobile termination.

Since 1999, QuesCom has been offering distributed and secured mobile termination architecture dedicated to Internet and Telephony Services Providers and Operators. QuesCom launches today the QuesCom Mobile Call Server. This call routing appliance especially designed for GSM termination offers service providers enhanced functionality and quality of service to smoothly integrate customers’ VoIP gateways to QuesCom GSM gateways.

The QuesCom Mobile Termination solution offers service providers a competitive advantage by reducing the cost of fixed-to-mobile calls thanks to GSM gateways. Linked to GSM gateways, the Mobile Call Termination solution strongly increases the return on investment for customers who have made the choice of QuesCom.

“The Mobile Call Server is an extension to customer’s existing softswitch that greatly improve GSM gateway deployment and optimize call routing for GSM termination” explained Philippe Bessaguet, CTO, QuesCom.

The main benefits of Mobile Call Server are to: centralize CDRs, optimize call routing and SIM usage, reduce gateway configuration by 70% and to fully integrate the QuesCom SIM Server.

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