Radio Access Network intelligence key to mobile operator success in 2013, predicts Actix

The most successful mobile operators in 2013 will be those that make the best use of the insights provided by their Radio Access Network (RAN) predicts network analytics specialist Actix. As a result, engineering departments will play a pivotal role in shaping the mobile industry in 2013, unlocking the value of geo-located network, subscriber and competitive intelligence to provide data that will transform sales, marketing and customer care.

A new Actix report, The RAN Goldmine (available to download at, sets out the value of the data used by engineering teams on a day-to-day basis and highlights how this can provide critical insights to generate significant improvements in business performance.

Using real-world examples, the Actix guide presents how engineering teams can actively participate in broader business operations by making RAN intelligence data available to the following internal functions and initiatives:

Customer care – with RAN insights, complaint resolution times can be cut by up to 80 per cent. A large Asia-Pacific operator has reduced its technical customer care investigation time per issue, from an average of 40 minutes to eight.

Marketing – one Asian operator achieved immediate benefits by providing its marketing department with easy access to RAN intelligence, identifying that 3G dongles were being sold in areas where 3G coverage was poor, causing customer dissatisfaction and churn.

Sales – the delivery and demonstration of superior services is a key area where RAN teams can partner with the sales organization. The ability to generate corporate coverage reports provided a compelling case for RAN investment for the CTO of a European operator.

Big Data and CEM – RAN intelligence extends the scope and reach of an operator’s Big Data initiatives by providing geo-located customer and competitive intelligence that complements easy to collect OSS and BSS data.

“Engineering teams will play a pivotal role in driving success for mobile operators in 2013,” said Neil Coleman, Director of Global Marketing at Actix. “They own and manage a goldmine of data that can transform many areas of the business, which is critical in this increasingly complex and competitive market.

“It’s time for engineers to take centre stage and learn how to promote the value of their view of the network and subscribers in supporting corporate objectives. By aligning their own priorities with those of the business and aiding fellow departments with their day-to-day activities, engineering teams have a real opportunity to not only highlight the RAN as a key asset to the rest of the organization, but position the engineering department as the critical enabler in 2013.”

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