ramsac demystifies Cloud Computing for business

IT solutions consultancy ramsac has launched three service levels for its Cloud Computing offering to help demystify the concept for businesses and make it easier to choose the level that is right for them.

ramsac Pure Cloud, ramsac Private Cloud and ramsac Hybrid Cloud allow businesses to make use of as many or as few online services as they require, to find the best fit in both usability and cost.

ramsac Managing Director, Robert May, commented, “This is the latest step in our continuing mission of ‘Making IT Simple’. Cloud Computing is creating a great buzz in the IT industry at the moment as it can offer many benefits. However we are very aware that many businesses are struggling to define what the term means for them, much less fully understanding how it can benefit their business aims. It’s certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ IT solution, so we have split our service offerings into three levels which help SMEs to choose how much of their IT is stored and used online – as opposed to the traditional hosting of such services on-site at their premises.”

For companies wishing to fully embrace the idea fully, ramsac’s Pure Cloud offering, enables SMEs to work on an entirely internet based solution, with no need for local storage or servers, as all applications can be accessed, stored and backed-up via the internet. Users can access those services virtually anywhere that has an Internet connection, from most devices (including mobile devices and tablets such as iPads), with a simple per-user, per-month cost.

With ramsac Private Cloud, the company will configure the business network on a virtual server, hosted on the Internet. As the business does not actually own the server hardware, there no need for upfront capital expenditure. The virtual server is owned and hosted by a reputable service provider, in a state of the art data centre with high standards of security and resilience. The business does, however, have complete control of the virtual server, which means ramsac can deploy any application and provide users with access to it via the internet. This option offers an almost limitless number of applications and documents that can be stored.

The ramsac Hybrid Cloud solution is one that uses both traditional ‘on premise’ servers for some applications, whilst hosting others off site in a secure data centre for plenty of flexibility. For example the servers could be stored in a datacentre whilst still being owned by the user company, or they could be virtual servers, hosted on the datacentre’s own infrastructure. Typically organisations using a Hybrid Cloud solution will keep some servers on their own premises, for key applications, or applications that cannot be hosted, whilst using cloud based services for commodity applications such as email.

The split of services is entirely bespoke to the needs of the customer. For example, the company may choose to have on site servers for data storage, accounts applications and key CRM databases, whilst accessing SharePoint, Email, Exchange and documents via the cloud.

As well as the specific ramsac Pure Cloud, ramsac Private Cloud and ramsac Hybrid Cloud offerings, the company can offer customers any mixture of these services to meet their business aspirations. ramsac also offers a wealth of other complimentary business IT services including Unified Communications (voice over IP), its PhoenixAssist disaster recovery service as well as more traditional Server Monitoring and strategic planning. ramsac also offers combined Apple Mac and PC support to meet the needs of the modern IT dependant business.

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