ramsac operates CryoLife Europa’s IT

ramsac, the IT solutions consultancy has announced it is providing a full IT outsourcing service to CryoLife Europa, Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CryoLife, Inc. a leading pioneer in the development of implantable biological devices, surgical adhesives, haemostatic agents and biomaterials for use in cardiac, vascular and general surgery.

CryoLife Europa’s Vice President and General Manager, David Hollinworth, Ph.D., commented on the announcement, “Because of the life-saving nature of our products, CryoLife Europa’s sales and supply chain network is crucial to maintaining our business reputation and we are highly dependent on our office-based and mobile/home working access to the IT network. Working with ramsac gives us peace of mind that our IT systems are being fully monitored and maintained wherever our users are, with a long-term plan for future development.”

Founded in 1984, CryoLife Europa’s parent company, CryoLife, Inc. was the first biomedical company in the world to launch a commercial business dealing with the low temperature preservation of human implantable tissues for complex cardiac and vascular reconstruction surgery. Although its corporate headquarters are based in Kennesaw, in the US state of Georgia, CryoLife’s European operations are centred in its UK office in Guildford in Surrey. Because of the pivotal role of the UK office as a crucial link between the European market and the company’s US base, CryoLife needs to ensure its Guildford office’s IT remains reliable, flexible and is able to meet the future demands from onsite and remote access company users.

ramsac’s Technical Director, Paul Mew explains further, “Because the Guildford office’s systems, be they email or order processing , have to directly and in real-time interact with those at the CryoLife Headquarters in the US, the ramsac team has been working closely with the US IT team. This means that not only was it important to become completely familiar with the local systems architecture, but also the wider requirements of the company’s business systems and its role within the organisation as a whole. Any additions to IT system or improvement projects have to be developed in synergy with the head office and the requirements of the overall business network, so our initial review and subsequent professional counsel is bearing this firmly in mind.”

Dr. Hollinworth adds, “ramsac has made a full review of CryoLife Europa’s network, servers, and computer systems and from this, given us a range of suggestions for improvements. With a traffic-light system which gives guidance on the most urgent/important needs first, it gives us an excellent breakdown so we can decide how best to resolve these. ramsac is working with us to ensure every step is taken to safeguard our systems and ensure our endpoint access is fully maintained.”

ramsac has already become a key component of CryoLife Europa’s UK operations, as Dr. Hollinworth concludes, “The proactive approach to IT support is very much in tune with the requirements of our business and means that any needs will be automatically flagged up and we are alerted when they become critical – giving us time to implement any upgrades or replacement.”

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