ramsac to Host Emerging Technologies Seminar for Business Leaders

ramsac, a leading IT solutions consultancy is to host a free seminar to help business leaders understand how new and emerging technologies including Microsoft Window 7, unified communications, virtualisation and some of the latest gadgets, can impact on the running of their operations. It will take place at 5pm on Wednesday 30th September at ramsac’s office in Godalming, Surrey and is co-hosted by The FD Centre.

ramsac will ensure that this free seminar will give owners and managers of industry the opportunity to look at IT from a business point of view. The information will be presented in a non-technical manner, aimed at owners and managers of businesses that want to ensure that they are investing wisely, but staying one step ahead of their competition.

The Managing Director of ramsac, Robert May explains: “New technology is something we are all very used to; our homes are filled with the latest gadgets, from iphone’s to HD TV’s, ultra small netbooks to high performance cameras – but as technology advances at a record pace, it is prudent to examine how it affects a business. In a good or a bad way? We will look at the opportunities available to improve productivity as well as the pitfalls and investments that are best avoided.”

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