Raritan Expands High-Voltage Intelligent Rack PDUs to Meet Power Density Requirements

Over one hundred 400V iPDU models support high-power output to racks; deliver cost and energy savings, and provide real-time outlet, branch circuit, energy, and environment monitoring.

Raritan today added new high-power 400V models to its portfolio of intelligent rack power distribution units (iPDUs) to support the power requirements of data center racks with high-density equipment. The new PX iPDUs help distribute higher voltage power directly — and more cost and energy efficiently — to racks that house blade servers, high-density 1U servers, network switches, storage devices and other high-power consuming equipment.

Demand for more power in racks has been increasing. It is expected that the average rack power will soon double to 12.0kW from the 6.0kW average in 2006. To meet power demands, some companies already have racks wired to provide as much as 30kW.

Distributing 400V power directly, from power panels to the rack, to support the high power needs of high-density servers and network storage devices is becoming an accepted practice for data centers of all sizes around the world. 400V three-phase power is connected to two high-power Raritan rack iPDUs, which supply each server with 230V, single-phase power — well within the operating range of the power supplies of virtually any IT equipment. 480V/277V designs are also available for next-generation cloud data center and container designs.

Maintaining 400V power to the IT equipment rack is more energy efficient because it eliminates the need for “step-down” voltage conversions — and the related transmission losses — along the power path. Compared to 208V distribution, 400V power reduces energy costs by about two to three percent.

“Our intelligent power distribution approach combined with our large portfolio of high-voltage iPDUs, provide an easy and safe way to distribute high power to racks, while lowering energy consumption and TCO,” says Herman Chan, Raritan Vice President of Product Management. “We’ve expanded our iPDU portfolio to offer configurations up to 44kW, supporting the high-power requirements of high-density blade racks and data center-class network switches. Our intelligent platform enables reliable power delivery and smart monitoring of power, energy, temperature, humidity, airflow, and pressure — all with an easy to use web interface.”

There are several benefits for distributing higher voltage three-phase power to data center equipment racks. Running higher voltage at lower current means both fewer cables, which simplifies deployment, and smaller cables — which use less copper, weigh less, take up less space and cost less. This translates to less under-floor air obstruction, and improved cooling.

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