Real Cost of IT Downtime

A countrywide research project has been launched to look at the real cost of IT downtime to UK businesses. Warwick Business School and network support services specialist, Networks First, have teamed up to find out how much money and resources are being wasted because of poor network management. The independent research aims to clarify the full cost and impact of network downtime and will explore everything from the temporary loss of email to more devastating network failures.

Warwick Business School and Networks First are issuing a call to action — asking companies across the UK to take part in the ‘State of the Nation IT Support Review’ by registering online at Aimed at companies with over 500 employees from all walks of life including legal, finance and retail organisations as well as the public sector, the survey aims to highlight IT service hot spots and flag costly pitfalls.

Peter Titmus, Managing Director, Networks First, comments: “Companies simply don’t have a clue what downtime is costing them. Some estimate the cost at £1 million per minute whilst others have no idea how much even a temporary loss of email costs them in terms of business.

“Given how crucial IT networks are to the running of every business the ‘State of the Nation IT Support Review’ aims to help companies understand the impact of network failures.

“Every company that takes part will receive a complimentary copy of the findings. We want to get everyone thinking about their networks. Where their networks start, where they end, the part they play in their business and who is looking after them.”

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