RealVNC and Sicap provide mobile remote control management

Sicap is deploying its VNC Mobile Solution to enable mobile operator customer care agents to remotely control previously inaccessible settings and features on mobile devices.

Sicap Device Management Center (DMC) provides automated management and customer care /self-care solutions on 80 mobile networks worldwide, managing 800 million handsets. It now integrates the VNC OEM package, offering unique access to VNC remote control technology. VNC Mobile Solution supports multiple platforms including Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry, and already has development versions for iPhone, Android and Linux Mobile with Palm Pre coming soon.

Using VNC Mobile Solution, customer care agents can remotely access the mobile device in use, to help customers with configuration, diagnose problems, and give advice on the installed applications. The solution brings significant savings, both in the duration of helpdesk calls, and in the handling of returns of non-faulty devices. A tier one operator in Europe for example, has reduced the number of returned handsets by 10%.

“VNC Mobile Solution provides us with a strategically significant and market-leading solution that can be easily integrated into our existing systems.” said Stéphane Jayet, Head of SIM and Device management at Sicap. “The combined device management solution creates significant savings, reduces customer care call handling times, improves service availability and delivers increased levels of customer satisfaction. Above all it will deliver significant return on investment and improve the customer experience.”

Tom Blackie, Vice President Business Development of RealVNC added, “We are delighted to establish an agreement with Sicap to facilitate the adoption of VNC in mobile handsets. Their reputation, global reach and impressive mobile operator customer base is proof that Sicap is clearly an innovative leader in the Device Management market.”

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