Recording: Singles Market Still Strong

Retell report that the market for single desk call recording solutions is still strong and shouldn’t be ignored by resellers. A spokesman for Retell said, ‘Single desk recording sales are still growing as many customers initial requirement is to record at only a couple of desks. We see this as a sprat to catch a mackerel because once the customer has realised the benefits of recording they often want to expand or upgrade’.

Retell cites the leasing company they use, LDF, as a perfect example as they initially purchased Retell’s single desk software at £250 a desk and very quickly rolled out a more centralised solution for the entire sales force. ‘Our 300 hour CD recorder at £1000 is selling particularly well at the moment with seven going to branches of a carpet company recently and three to a major hospital’

The spokesman continued, ‘It shows us that resellers have substantial opportunities to sell recording but need a supplier like Retell with the range and expertise to make the sale easy for them’. Retell state that they are the only company offering a large range of products from a single desk to multiple lines and significantly offer an allowance when a customer wants to upgrade.

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