Recruitment Drive at Entanet

Staffordshire based B2B Internet Services Provider, Entanet is paving the way for the continuing growth of its business by going on a recruitment drive that will boost its headcount by up to 50 per cent over the next few months.

The company plans to add at least 15 new staff to its current staff of 40, supporting the continuing and rapid growth of its business. New people are being brought in right across the business but service provisioning and technical support departments will see the biggest increase, with four new recruits being added to each of these teams. Entanet is also recruiting developers and specialist reseller, solutions and VoIP sales staff.

Vice President of the company John Tsai says that the additional team members are needed to support Entanet’s ambitious growth plans for the coming year. “We have seen our customer base increase by over 100% over the past 12 months and the rate at which we are signing up new customers – for ADSL broadband, leased lines, hosting and other Internet services – is increasing month on month. We have made significant investments in our network infrastructure to ensure we can deliver a very high level of service to all our customers and we are now ready to take the business to the next level and firmly establish Entanet as one of the top specialist ISPs in the UK. To do that we need more people and we need the right people.”

Tsai believes that Entanet already has some of the most skilled and knowledgeable technical Internet specialists in the UK within its ranks and it is this expertise, and Entanet’s approach to service delivery, that sets the company apart, he says.

“I believe that our technical capabilities are second to none and this is demonstrated time and time again by the excellent performance ratings we receive from independent industry-watchers and the feedback we get from our customers. We have a very well structured network and the technical skills to keep it running smoothly 24 hours a day.”

While other ISPs have rushed to sign up as many customers as possible, before investing in their skills and infrastructure, Entanet has taken an approach that will deliver a better service to the customer in the long-term.

“We have always been in this business for the long-term and always planned far into the future. Over the last few years, there has been a mad rush with ISPs trying to grab market share quickly and before investing in their infrastructure. That was putting the cart before the horse and many customers have suffered – and many still are suffering – poor performance as a consequence. Our approach has been exactly the opposite – we have invested in our systems and built up our service delivery capabilities and our customer base steadily.

Entanet is consistently ranked first or second fastest hosting ISP amongst UK ISPs by In its most recent financial year, ended September, it achieved growth of over 40% and a turnover of approximately £7.5 million. In 2005/2006, the company aims to grow to £14 million, almost exclusively through the acquisition of new customers. An estimated 10,000 businesses across the UK currently make use of Entanet’s services; all of them are supported on a local level by a network of some 1,000 resellers, who in turn receive high level support from Entanet.

As well as very competitive prices and high levels of service delivery, Entanet offers free migration and service upgrades for users of standard broadband ADSL services and a range of attractive offers on SDSL, leased line and other services.

The company also has a voice services operation, Entacall, which provides a range of services and is about to launch a VoIP service.

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