Recyclebank and Transport for London launch re:route to reward people for walking

Recyclebank and Transport for London launch re:route to reward people for walking and cycling in London

Recyclebank, the company that motivates people to take everyday green actions by rewarding green behaviour, today announced the debut of its mobile app, re:route which is supported by Transport for London (TfL). The app will encourage people to walk and cycle more in London with exclusive offers for members signed up to the app. re:route members will help reduce pollution, ease congestion and boost their fitness in the process.

This brand-new mobile app will incentivise people to think differently about the way that they travel – swapping the car for a bike, or walking and cycling rather than making short journeys by public transport. Members will be able to collect points for every journey made. Points can then be redeemed against a wide range of offers and discounts from Recyclebank partners including Marks & Spencer, Planet Organic, Champneys and many more. As well as helping to reduce congestion on the roads and public transport in London, re:route aims to become part of Londoners’ daily routine to help encourage a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. To aid this, alongside the rewards, re:route also alerts people to the number of calories that they have burnt and the amount of CO2 they have saved for each journey.

“We’re excited to launch re:route with support from TfL,” said Jonathan K. Hsu, CEO of Recyclebank. “For generations, cities have developed a myriad of solutions for the many physical aspects of urban living: architecture, transportation, water, utilities and public spaces. What’s exciting about a next generation city like London is that they are forward looking —seeking ideas to help connect the space between physical and digital infrastructure and increasingly focused on the use of information and technology to create smarter, cleaner and better cities to live.”

re:route takes the digital assets that already exist for London’s transport network to create a digital platform that deepens and broadens user engagement while helping London achieve important sustainability goals through the development of smarter infrastructure.

Ben Plowden, Director of Planning, TfL Surface Transport said, “TfL is supporting re:route because it supports our wider efforts to encourage more people to consider cycling and walking as quick and convenient ways of getting around the city. More people cycling and walking will help to reduce congestion on our roads and on our busy public transport network. An initiative like re:route is a great way to help TfL achieve these goals. We’re particularly excited about the potential for this app to motivate people to cycle and walk during the London 2012 Games, when London’s roads and public transport network will be at their busiest.”

How re:route works
After downloading the free iPhone app and signing up for a free Recyclebank account, users enter their journey into re:route and see different travel options including walking, cycling with their own bike or with the Barclays Cycle Hire bikes and by public transport.

After arriving at the destination, users earn five Recyclebank points and are shown the number of calories they have burned and how much CO2 they’ve saved by taking the alternative modes of transport. Members can check out the different rewards available directly on re:route, or by visiting the Recyclebank website, where they can redeem their points for exclusive rewards.

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