Red Box selected as preferred partner for voice data insights on Dynamics

Red Box has been selected as a Preferred Telephony Partner to feed captured voice data into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights and enriching the data set that Microsoft’s AI solution can reason over, strengthening the quality of insights their joint customers can derive from their own data.

The integration will assist sales managers to deliver smart coaching to their sellers by generating insights from the rich conversations that sellers have with their customers. By leveraging the enterprise-wide voice and rich metadata captured by Red Box paired with the Sales Insights application, customers will benefit from both the call analytics at scale, as well as the capability to play back individual calls through Dynamics 365.

These voice capture capabilities will not only help managers uncover early trends to launch new sales training and sales motion opportunities for all sellers, but also allow looking at conversation styles and customer sentiment levels for different sellers and drill into a call transcript for an individual seller. Managers can then provide coaching comments at specific moments in a conversation guiding sellers to boost their sales performance.

“We’re delighted to be extending our partner ecosystem through this integration with Microsoft and delivering such a valuable element of the Dynamics 365 Sales Insights application,” comments Richard Stevenson, Red Box CEO.

“Red Box’s resilient and open voice platform provides a rich and high-quality voice data set. This combined with the call intelligence capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights enable sales teams to gain understanding of their customers by leveraging deep AI insights into customers’ conversations. It also helps turn every seller into a high performer providing coaching based on automatic capture and analysis of sales conversations that reveal customer sentiment and conversation effectiveness, which ultimately motivates and increases performance of sales teams,” adds Oren Ryngler, Director of PM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Sales Insights.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine