Redrock appoints Pure Comms

In a strategic business move, one of Bristol’s recruitment consultants, Redrock, has appointed Pure Comms as its telecoms provider.

Redrock is based on Pembroke Road in Bristol and the company recently switched to Pure Comms for the provision of its telecoms, having experienced too much ‘down time’ and ‘poor’ customer service from its previous provider.

Redrock Director Darren Chapman elaborates: “We wanted to come on record about the brilliant work Pure Comms is doing for us.

“Redrock has forty consultants who are on the phone all day. Our business is built on being able to make calls and place candidates with clients; it sounds obvious but if the phones are down we may as well start throwing money down the drain.

“Unfortunately with our previous provider this happened, albeit infrequently, but it did become an issue that often took too long to resolve.”

To rectify the problem Redrock teamed up with Pure Comms. And in conjunction with the telecoms provider built a bespoke solution modelled around the requirement of their business.

Rob Vivian, Pure Comms’ Managing Director, comments: “What we did was create a bespoke telecoms solution geared around Redrock as a business. This included the installation of a fail over device, which means that if one part of the equipment fails then another will kick in ensuring there is zero down time.”

It has proved a success and according to Darren, despite Pure Comms being more expensive than their previous provider, Redrock has actually saved money: “Ironically we were paying a lower monthly fee for our previous telecoms provider but because of all the downtime it ended up costing us more in lost revenue.

“We’re paying a little bit more now in our monthly fee but saving money because of the expert service we’ve bought into. We get 24/7 support and really are dealing with a provider that is interested in doing what’s best for our businesses.”

Rob concludes: “It’s pleasing to see our service has been endorsed by Redrock in this way. There is an overriding current in our industry which sees many providers just slashing prices to win contracts – in effect creating a race to the bottom which sees the end-user lose out on service. ”

Established in 2009, Pure Comms operate out of the Radius Business Enterprise Centre in Clevedon Hall, Clevedon. They work with a number of clients across a number of sectors such as leading fuel supplier BWOC, Bristol Airport and Computerworld.

Redrock was listed as a Sunday Times fast-track 100 company in 2009 and in 2011 it posted a turnover of £24 million. The recruitment consultancy currently employs 48 members of staff.

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