Redstone installs high performance converged infrastructure from Brand-Rex

Brand-Rex has announced that Redstone Converged Solutions has installed over 1,300 outlets and 29 kilometres of Brand-Rex structured cabling throughout its prestigious new 27,000 sq foot Logistic Centre in Elstree, Hertfordshire. The new building is home to Redstone’s infrastructure provisioning services. With over 1,000 employees and a turnover in excess of £200 million pa, Redstone provides converged IP solutions from structured cabling works through to innovative IP communications and fully integrated intelligent building solutions to customers across the UK and Ireland. The Logistics Centre is designed to provide the highest levels of service and ensure the smoothest possible implementation of client projects.

Formerly laboratory space, the 10 year old building was suitable for conversion and refurbishment to provide the required mix of showroom, warehouse, office and technical workshop space. As part of the refurbishment a new high performance, converged network was designed. The fully converged Brand-Rex network is capable of supporting voice, data and video plus all the building management services.

The Brand-Rex Cat6Plus structured cabling solution was chosen for its reliability, performance and ’future ready’ capabilities. In addition to its quality of components the entire network is backed by the Brand-Rex 25 year warranty to give additional peace of mind.

“This is a showcase site for Redstone customers and we are delighted that Brand-Rex was chosen for its high capacity infrastructure,” says Tim Jemmett, customer relations manager, Brand-Rex. “Our Cat6Plus cabling systems provide a high performance, cost effective, reliable solution for both today’s and tomorrow’s integrated business communication needs.”

The Brand-Rex solution was chosen because it offered the best value and represented a proven, reliable technology that is readily available. The fibre backbone topology design will allow for expansion with an infrastructure design capable of supporting the business in the future.

“Brand-Rex met all the requirements in terms of performance, quality and affordability,” says Jemmett. “In addition, we have delivered an infrastructure that demonstrates the capabilities and versatility of the Brand-Rex product range.”

Because of the unique construction of the building several installation techniques for the Brand-Rex products are on display – including under-floor and in-ceiling as well as conventional trunked routing of cables. “Brand-Rex cables are more flexible and thinner than many other manufacturers, and so lend themselves more easily to a variety of installation techniques,” says Jemmett. “In addition, our angled patching frames offer a significant improvement over traditional designs, making installation easier as well as offering a neat looking solution.”

Brand-Rex, has delivered a network infrastructure that meets Redstone’s requirements in terms of performance, flexibility, robustness and future-proofing.

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