Redstone to ‘serve and protect’ ISP customers with DDoS defence

Redstone is set to offer its 4,000 business ISP customers the ability to protect themselves from potentially crippling distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, through its new DDoS protection service.

Normally to safeguard against DDoS an organisation would be required to purchase dedicated equipment, software and services, placing it out of the reach of smaller institutions. But in a new partnership with Webscreen Technology, Redstone will offer advanced protection to its ISP customers for a simple monthly fee. It is also intending to provide a DDoS prevention service within its growing cloud based infrastructure solutions and appliances to corporate customers in due course.

“By offering this service directly to our ISP customers as a subscription service, DDoS protection becomes effortless and attainable for all levels of organisation,” said John Roberts, head of managed services at Redstone. “Anyone can be affected by a DDoS attack and now with Redstone any size of operation can have peace of mind when it comes to keeping their business online.”

While denial of service attacks have gained notoriety from high profile cases involving hacking groups like Anonymous bringing down governmental websites in America and the UK, they present a real danger for many commercial organisations which can be afflicted simply by high volumes of web traffic. Tools designed to initiate assaults are readily available online and combined with a large growing online knowledge base aggressors have everything they need to launch a low cost, powerful DDoS attack resulting in a long and damaging outage.

Paul Bristow COO of Webscreen Technology explained, “For any organisation with an online presence even a small DDoS related outage will impact revenue streams, damage your hard earned reputation and create a sense of an unsecure website, all of which can be avoided with the Redstone service. Webscreen’s unique heuristic technology protects all the client’s important resources by analysing all incoming and outgoing requests and guarantees continued good service by balancing off incoming requests against the resources ability to serve the request.”

Roberts, commented, “We selected Webscreen because its innovative technology is continually learning and adapting to DDoS threats. We wanted to ensure that we provided our customers with a service which can defend against orchestrated attacks on their web resources.”

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