Redstor Launches Disaster Recovery Service

Redstor has announced that it has launched its Virtual Disaster Recovery (DR) service. This service allows businesses to be safe in the knowledge that in the event of a disaster they will be able to access their systems, files and data within minutes from any Internet connection.

Redstor’s Virtual DR service addresses the requirement for copying servers and their data offsite and recovering them quickly in the event of a disaster. In so doing, it hugely simplifies the disaster recovery process for the customer, making it faster, easier and guaranteed to succeed.
Support is available in the event of disaster recovery being required 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Virtual Disaster Recovery service reduces stress and downtime and ultimately saves businesses money in the event of a disaster. The process required to invoke DR is also very simple to the point that it can be invoked by anyone authorised to do so regardless of their technical knowledge. This too is very useful especially in circumstances where IT support staff are unavailable or are located remotely.

Chris Sigley, General Manager of Redstor, said: “Professional businesses often can’t afford the loss of access to critical business data for even a couple of hours. Redstor’s virtual disaster recovery service ensures that when a disaster occurs, a business’ systems and data are accessible via the Internet within minutes.”

He continues: “Redstor don’t attempt to force customers off the DR platform as soon as possible after a disaster occurs.Redstor ensures that the process of transitioning off the DR platform runs as smoothly as possible no matter how long it may take. We will do everything we can regardless of whether the customer wishes to return to a physical or virtualised environment.”

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