Redundancies at 20:20 UK to join up business

20:20 Mobile UK will began a second stage restructure following the successful consolidation of its UK operations last autumn.

The restructure will aim to make the business more joined up and is likely to see a number of redundancies from its operations and sales teams to streamline internal processes and improve customer delivery. This may see a reduction in warehouse staff and a smaller reduction in office-based positions.

20:20 Mobile’s UK managing director, James Browning, said: “Last year’s restructure saw us consolidate three businesses into one. That process has now fed through and we have identified further synergies that are needed to realise value for our customers while improving the functioning of the business, in order to make us properly joined up.

“These changes are not primarily driven by the state of the market,” Browning added. “Clearly we have to respond to the difficulties our customers and vendors face and remain highly competitive on price, but these changes will actually strengthen our business and provide a more cost efficient service to our customers in the months and years ahead.”

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