Redwood encourages organisations to embrace smartphones

Redwood Telecommunications is encouraging organisations to embrace the benefits smartphones can bring the enterprise. Flexible working, information sharing or opening a new route to market are just some of the ways smartphones are delivering significant benefits.

Managing Director, Charlie Whelpton, explains: “For many, a smartphone, like an iPhone, is highly desirable, whether for personal or business use. Businesses need to enable their applications to work with their users’ device of choice’. In January, Forrester predicted smartphones would explode into the enterprise in 2010 because of the increased functionality that they offer. Organisations need to be ready for the impact that these devices have on their communications platforms.

According to Gartner recently, smartphone sales doubled in a year and 19% of global mobile device sales are smartphones. In the enterprise market, BlackBerry is by far the enterprise smartphone platform of choice. It claims to have the most robust security and the most comprehensive management features. It has also gained an excellent reputation in the business community. However, the iPhone is more desired by business users but it hasn’t yet won the hearts and minds of the IT department for enterprise rollout.

“You can’t get away from the fact that smartphones are a very powerful business device that can help take your organisation to another level,” concluded Whelpton.

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