Regenersis launches Fonebak website for charity

Regenersis, the European mobile phone recycler, has teamed for the fifth year with BBC Children in Need (programme airs 20 November 2009) to collect unwanted mobile phones for recycling and offering eco-conscious consumers the opportunity to donate to the charity via a new website,

Regenersis has raised more than £1 million for BBC Children in Need since 2005, but this year will be different, as the new website will offer consumers an easier way to donate to the charity with their old mobile phones. Fonebak allows consumers to send in their mobile phones via freepost and decide how much they want to donate to the charity, from 10p to 100% of the value of the handset.

“Although we have raised over £1million for BBC Children in Need since 2005, we are hoping to increase that amount substantially by offering this new online solution”, said Mark Franklin, managing director of Regenersis and Fonebak. “With so many online sites, we want consumers to have a safe and trusted place to sell their handset, with the opportunity to donate to one of the UK ‘s best loved charities.”

With more than 15 million mobile phones replaced every year and an estimated 90 million sitting in drawers and toy boxes across the country, Fonebak is an easy way to raise money for individuals and charities.

Unlike other online mobile phone recycling sites, Fonebak delivers the same benefits to consumers that networks like Vodafone, Orange and O2 have enjoyed for years: full data clearance on every handset received offering full identity protection; rigorous testing and refurbishment of all products to ensure they are fit for reuse in developing countries; and a zero landfill policy.

Fonebak offers this is all with prices comparable to other online sites assuring eco-conscious consumers that the environment is protected as well as their identity. In December 2008, Regenersis studied a random sample of 2000 handsets and found that 99% of handsets received contained some sort of personal data.

Phones sent in to Fonebak are processed and functional refurbished handsets are sent to developing countries to improve their communications. Phones that are not suitable for reuse will be sent for recycling ensuring that nothing ends up in landfill.

Visitors to the site can see how much has been raised by looking at the counter. Fundraisers (i.e. schools, communities and businesses) can collect quantities of handsets and Fonebak will send out a courier to collect them free of charge.

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