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‘Reliability ahead of Price’ says Entanet

In the latest article on its opinion website, Entanet says that reliability, not just price, is what matters to resellers and that they should be encouraged to sell connectivity on the basis of the customer’s need and on service delivery.

The wholesale communications provider says that many carriers and broadband suppliers are putting too much emphasis on ‘instant pricing’ in the channel and that it is leading resellers and their customers to conclude that connectivity services are both homogeneous and treated as a utility.

Darren Farnden, Head of Marketing at the company states: “Do businesses really want a cheap service that can’t be relied upon? We think it’s important that resellers don’t undersell connectivity and, crucially, the value they and their trusted suppliers play in its delivery. Customers buy their experience, their expertise and their value. And experience shows that customers are prepared to pay for this comfort and confidence.’

He points out that ensuring that the selection of the right connectivity service is just the first step in serving the customer and that the ordering, provisioning, implementation and support of that service is what differentiates one reseller from another.

As a consequence the reseller’s choice of which supplier they work with is vital, Farnden continues. “It’s critical that resellers work with a wholesale provider that has the infrastructure, flexibility, adaptability, responsiveness and resource that enables them to demonstrate a quality service delivery experience to customers. Price should not be the first or only decider.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine

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