Reseller Reaction to New Panasonic PBX is Positive

Launched this week, the new Panasonic KXTDE has drawn praise from their resellers

Nick Larder of Shrewsbury based DigiLink Business Systems said, “One of the really nice things about Panasonic’s KXTDE – which at the seminars they themselves only mentioned as an afterthought – is that the handsets can have a module added which makes the handset Bluetooth enabled.

So what’s great about that? Well, think about it: Suddenly, contact centres, who haven’t traditionally looked much at Panasonic, can have all their workers on Bluetooth headsets at a lower cost than cordless DECT headsets and with no extra boxes on the desk.

The workers will be less resistant to headset using because they will also be able to use the same headset with their mobile in their cars. When this is coupled with ‘CTI-in-the-box’, Panasonic’s usual reliability and plain good value, they could have come up with a very big winner here.

I expect them to take chunks out of Avaya’s IP Office market for a start. The next question is: Do Panasonic have the right resellers to take them into new market sectors?

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