Resellers Should Concentrate on Relationships in 2011, says Zeacom

Zeacom, the provider of Unified Communications and Contact Centre software, is urging resellers to ‘get even closer’ to end customers this year in order to lock in revenues – and unlock opportunities.

To underscore the importance of partner relationships to its 2011 strategy, Zeacom is actively building on its European team to continue providing high-quality support for its reseller partners, giving them the confidence to effectively communicate Zeacom’s advanced solutions. To this end, it plans to supply partners with innovative tools that support increased reseller-customer dialogue.

Trading conditions in 2011 will demand that partners need to take the time to communicate to the end customer the benefits of adaptive call routing technology, to best meet their business needs.

Chris Harris, Managing Director of Zeacom Europe, believes the issue of customer service has jumped up the priority list for all industries, due to increased competition and a recessionary climate.

“This year we believe resellers more than ever must be showing their customers how to get the best value out of their existing PBX solutions at a time when businesses are under pressure to cut costs, but also to retain loyal end users.

“Existing customers are a lot easier to persuade of the benefits of UC solutions, but resellers need to be explicit about how, for a relatively modest investment, software technology such as ours can make a quantifiable difference to business objectives. Our ZCC (Zeacom Communication Centre) solution has superior functionality such as IVR and last called agent, that can help the organisation efficiently balance and manage demand, as well as providing a way of measuring ROI of that most important of contact methods, the voice.”

He concludes: “The slide away from voice queries in favour of online contact for centres is already well underway across many industries. However, the relative importance of voice has actually increased because calls are now becoming more the preserve of the disgruntled or difficult customer. Having multi-media capability in a call centre is therefore key. By showing how our resellers can add or capture value, Zeacom is helping them get closer to their customers, cementing both their customers’ profits, as well as their own.”

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