Retailers Fail to Provide Positive Mobile Buying Experience

Many UK retailers are losing out on sales due to poor usability of their mobile web presence, according to Hitting the Mobile Checkout, a new report from eCommerce consultancy, dotCommerce. Only one third of retailers surveyed had dedicated mobile sites available, dramatically impacting a positive buying experience.

The benchmark study assessed 12 UK retailers, across various categories using Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices. Each site was marked against 22 criteria across eight categories like ease of use, security and integration with other marketing.

The best performing section was site navigation, suggesting that the fundamentals of the mobile experience are receiving most attention. However, with the Checkout Process and Payment confirmation receiving average scores of 27% and 22% respectively, all this effort may be futile if orders cannot be completed at these vital stages.

Boots (75%) and New Look (68%) scored the highest marks, demonstrating a clearer understanding of mobile shoppers’ requirements. Meanwhile, of the four retail categories we examined, fragrance brands showed the worst performance, making up three of the four poorest scoring brands versus footwear, cosmetics and cookware.

“These findings paint a clear picture of the mobile challenge retailers must tackle today,” says Ben Staveley, Head of eCommerce. “Growing consumer expectations and a fiercely competitive market make this an area where getting left behind is a big risk and yet, a very real possibility.”

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