Retell Add Low Cost Call Recording

Call and Fax recording vendor Retell has added the PRI 4, a new low cost ISDN 30 system, to their PRI 8, 16 and 30 range.

Retell say that through the PRI 4’s White List function only calls of specific individual DDI’s will be recorded. This will give any organisation a snapshot of calls made by a specified group or department.

Director Steve Cobley said, “Many low cost recording systems rely on a customer’s own PC capacity. If the PC is switched off calls won’t be recorded. Retell’s PRI range record to an inbuilt hard drive with up to 20,700 hours capacity, a CD-RW for archiving and access software for storage on a PC or network.

In addition calls can be selectively recorded at the touch of a button from any telephone handset. Organisations like Travel Agents who want to record the call only from the point when the customer agrees to book a particular holiday will benefit.

The PRI range can record and identify calls using DDI information whilst hiding the DDI from the customer, announce ‘your calls are being recorded’ and give basic call management information.”

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