Retell make it easier to protect against PBX hacking

Retell believe the problem of PBX (phone system) hacking or dial through fraud/phreaking as it is sometimes known is still a huge problem that is being brushed under the carpet by many resellers and unheard of by many end user customers. To help increase awareness Retell have been offering a free voice firewall to any customer that purchases a Retell Sense ISDN call recording system and have also offered a heavily discounted firewall for resellers to use ‘in house’.

A spokesperson for Retell said, ‘In recent weeks we have heard even more stories of phone hacking, one to the tune of £30,000, we’ve helped Channel 4 News with information on hacking, there has been more hacking editorial from Azzurri and Retell’s Richard Winterburn has presented at the recent Nine Telecom/TUFF seminar on hacking’.

To make Retell’s Sense voice firewall even more accessible to resellers Retell have now cut the SRP in half, extended their offer of a free firewall with an ISDN call recorder, introduced a ground breaking voice firewall rental and are currently testing a new firewall GUI for release in October.

Retell’s spokesperson said, ‘Our firewall is unique in that it is a bi-product of our Sense call recording system and as it works off the ISDN lines will work on any PBX (phone system) of any type. It doesn’t need expensive MUX /CTI modules so resellers can be assured that older PBX’s can be protected. We also plan to release an ISDN firewall with a 30 day trial of call recording just to help resellers whet the appetite of customers and add even more valuable sales and installation opportunities to their portfolios. Firewall Rental will be at only £25 per month to the end user.’

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