Retell Makes Sense

Call recording specialist Retell is launching Sense, a new call recording system aimed at the expanding SME market and up to 60 channels of ISDN. The call recording circuit boards and user interface has been developed by Retell themselves through extensive research and development over the last three years.

Steve Cobley, Head of Business Development at Retell says Sense will initially be launched with a call management front end so that customers can view CM statistics, view individual performance (number of calls made etc.) then drill down into the actual recording.

“It will bring sensible pricing to the market but our main aim is to bring a larger margin of 40% to resellers. In addition we have some new solutions for VoIP, Digital and analogue extension side recording and larger Enterprise systems – above 60 lines.

One advantage of manufacturing our own product is that we will be able to offer resellers a ‘stonking good’ deal to install Sense in their own premises. Another is that we can work with various parties to develop a recording system with features of their choice.”

Cobley adds that the clever technical feature of Sense is that it is an active device and will therefore eventually be able to do call queuing, announcements and change outgoing number presentation – so calls can be searched for by DDI without having to present the DDI to the customer, as well as power dialling. Sense can be purchased as call recording cards, or as a CR interface, or with server so that the reseller has a plug and play system.”

Retell understands that resellers are busy people so they offer according to Cobley, “Free mailers, Free CD with voice over to present to customers, Free Marketing ideas, Free staff sales and technical training, Free accompanied visits to the reseller’s customer, unlimited technical helpdesk support, a massive discount on own use systems, in fact so much support that the only thing we don’t do is give them the product free.

What resellers are missing out on is easy installs and maintenance revenue. Many of our systems, particularly ISDN models, are simple plug, play and load software but far too many dealers are leaving it to us when they could be profiting. We now have an accreditation scheme in place so resellers can be trained free of charge on how to install. Accredited Resellers will also get qualified leads within a certain radius.”

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