Reticence To Rip And Replace say Westell

Convergence gateways and broadband access solutions specialist Westell has announced the findings of its second annual Public Sector IP Migration survey, looking into respondents’ views and attitudes to moving over to IP based voice communications. The survey unveils that over four times more organisations are considering the option of migration as a means to move communications over to enhanced IP based carriers, than the drastic method of ripping and replacing their existing legacy PBX infrastructures.

Westell’s research reveals that whilst industry migration to IP has moved on a year since the last survey; take-up is steady yet not accelerating. This is apparent from the substantial amount of respondents – 39.5% – confirming that they are planning to move over to IP comms within a distant three to five year timeline.

Key findings from the survey include:

– 39.5% of organisations surveyed confirmed that it would take three to five years to move over to IP comms; in line with 41.5% last year

– A mere 9% of respondents are planning to move over to IP comms within the next six months; similar to the minority of 9.25% interviewed last year

– Only 10.3% of those surveyed are willing to rip and replace their legacy infrastructure against a significant 46.2% who are looking to migration as method choice

“There is a lot of hype surrounding ‘rip and replacing’ existing communications infrastructures, but as our survey shows, organisations realise the potential logistical implications of undergoing such a radical process,” comments Westell Marketing Director, Vaughn Armstrong. “Of even more importance however, is that these organisations are reflecting the current need to leverage the investment in existing DPNSS-based PBXs whilst actively seeking out the cost savings and benefits offered by integrating key elements of VoIP and IP telephony.”

Westell offers its ‘IiQ’ solution, which is already widely implemented across a variety of large public sector, finance, and consulting organisations. Interoperability Verification testing from IP telephony vendors such as Cisco demonstrates the efficiency of the solution and positions it as one of the most cost effective DPNSS to IP converters on the market – ideal for those wanting to set out on a risk-free migration path to full IP convergence.

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