Ribbon Brings Carrier-Grade Mobile Platform to Partners

Braidio, an online and mobile-enabled social learning platform for sales enablement and talent development, today expanded its partnership with Ribbon Communications, or Ribbon, bringing initial customers and partners onto their platform. Ribbon’s Kandy Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), or Kandy, enables Braidio to provide a powerful carrier-grade mobile platform that corporate customers can use to deliver mobile training, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and online learning to their workforces, at scale and with greater effectiveness than ever before.

This partnership comes as a response to the steadily growing trend of carriers curating business applications that are in the highest demand and tuned for optimal performance for enterprise users. Braidio has demonstrated unmatched scalability in this segment, by rapidly deploying their platform for Ribbon and its customer base. As these users move towards mobile apps for team and personal collaboration along with talent development/management, the demand for tailored, intuitive enterprise-wide mobile learning and training is rising.

Widespread adoption of social messaging, like WhatsApp, and email-killer collaboration tools, like Slack, in the workplace underscore employee preferences to work like they live — utilizing similar technologies, interfaces, and exchanges as they do socially. This program will combine Kandy’s advanced capabilities with Braidio’s proven platform as an ideal solution for their customers. The Braidio platform offers seamless product training and ongoing knowledge access, all under one easy to use service that enables training, collaboration, sharing, and learning at the speed of business.

“Our platform is uniquely suited to help Ribbon’s partners and customers sell business solutions to their customers, which helps grow revenue while increasing and optimizing the consumption of data,” said Iain Scholnick, Founder and CEO of Braidio. “With Kandy, we are able to train thousands of users on a mobile platform who are no longer tethered to antiquated Learning Management Systems. Together, we have captured this new format for learning, focusing on how people prefer to work with sprinkles of information rather than a siloed experience with long format courses. Our partnership is a marketplace first, offering mobile-based training and learning that is driven by unified communications and deployed globally, at scale.”

Braidio and Ribbon initially partnered last year to integrate real-time communications capabilities powered by Kandy, delivering agile collaborative learning and mobile training for enterprise workforces across the globe. Together, they deliver a scalable, efficient training program to a much broader range of users.

“After noticing more and more carriers begin to show interest in the SaaS space, we felt that expanding our relationship with Braidio would be a great way to cater to carriers’ needs,” said Jeffrey Singman, VP, Product for Kandy Business Solutions at Ribbon. “Using our partners’ wide range of capabilities, we aim to bring users a stronger network that delivers an easy to rollout training platform to clients to meet their steadily growing demand.”

“Consumers spend more than half of their digital time on smartphones. Now more than ever, telecoms are positioned to play a bigger role in their subscribers’ lives. This shift has effectively placed telecoms at the point of engagement for the consumers’ digital experience,” explained Scholnick. “As more corporations begin to use mobile apps for business-critical functions, it becomes increasingly important for carriers to provide solutions that can cater to specific business needs. In turn, this allows them to nurture a competitive advantage for renewing or selecting future service contracts with enterprises.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine