RightFax 9.4 Launched

From 1st February 2009, companies will be able to reduce further the costs associated with fax communication, improve control and reduce the risk of business disruption with the launch of Open Text Fax Server (RightFax) 9.4.

The latest release of the world’s leading network fax solution includes the ability to implement OpenText Fax Server (RightFax) into a virtualised environment with full support for VMware, which reduces the number of physical servers in an organisation.

Additional Fax over IP capability means that Opentext Fax Server (RightFax) can now provide automated failover in a Voice over IP environment which reduces the risk of disruption to your business. Fax over IP also represents a huge opportunity to reduce costs by replacing hardware and dedicated ISDN circuits.

New reporting functionality also means that companies can improve the way they monitor traffic and track administrative changes that are made to the system such as adding, removing and modifying user settings.

Organisations that need to edit received faxes will be able to streamline the process with the inclusion of OpenText Recostar OCR engine. This technology can be further expanded to help organisations extract data from fax images automatically and transfer it to an ERP, CRM, Document Management or workflow application.

The topics above will be covered in the upcoming webinar announcing the launch of OpenText Fax Server (RightFax) on Thursday 22nd January at 3pm. The session is being hosted by Avanquest Solutions, who have 19 years experience in network fax.

“The latest release appears to be in line with our customer’s business and IT strategies in that it helps them to reduce costs, improve control and automate fax-driven processes” comments Mike Rae, Sales Director. “Fax communication will be around for a long time but these enhancements and the continued developments mean that we can help companies incorporate fax into their Voice over IP, document management and multi-function device strategies.”

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