RingCentral integrates AI with its open platform

RingCentral has announced at its annual user conference ConnectCentral, that it is adding artificial intelligence (AI) enabled voice analytics to its open platform. With more than 15,000 developers and 1,500 existing integrations, RingCentral is now partnering with Gong.io, ThetaLake and Velvetech to deliver real-time and post-call voice analytics services to global customers.

Gong.io, ThetaLake and Velvetech are part of the RingCentral Connect Platform Partner Program (CP3). CP3 provides independent software vendors (ISVs) with the technology and go-to-market resources necessary to maximize customer success. With RingCentral APIs, these premier partners have created a broad array of integrated solutions to improve sales performance, remain compliant, and improve customer experiences by implementing machine learning to identify actionable attributes within calls, messages and other forms of communications.

“The democratization of AI is quickly becoming a reality,” said David Lee, vice president, product management, RingCentral. “By partnering with a growing ecosystem of AI companies and enabling them to leverage RingCentral open APIs to integrate with RingCentral cloud communications solutions, we are offering our customers access to broader AI services. This allows them to capture timely customer data and drive greater customer engagement and value.”

Velvetech is leveraging RingCentral’s open APIs to build a custom, real-time transcription solution with machine learning capabilities from XSELL. Together XSELL and Velvetech enable businesses to extract real-time insights that coach sales agents and drive improved sales performance.

“With the integrated power of RingCentral, Velvetech and XSELL solutions, we have substantially improved our sales productivity,” said Doug Altschul, vice president, customer experience at Insureon, a leading online provider of small business insurance. “The solution applies machine learning to real-time transcriptions, based on the performance of top sales agents, and makes recommendations to other sales agents to communicate with customers, resulting in positive business outcomes. We could not have done this without RingCentral and its open platform. This has given us a huge competitive advantage and helped us grow our business.”

In addition to the AI premier partners, RingCentral is announcing enhancements to its partner integrations with Box and Google. These enhancements include:

•Box: RingCentral Archiver with Box allows users to archive key RingCentral communications data such as SMS, fax, voicemails and call recordings automatically to their Box account. Once in Box, RingCentral data can be enhanced with artificial intelligence using Box Skills
•Google: With the native Google Calendar Add-on, users can now choose RingCentral for both audio and video calling making it easier for customers to schedule a meeting or conference call without having to toggle between applications.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine