RIPTec Aims to Turn Business Comms Upside Down

Communications specialists RIPTec this week launched an app that they say has the potential to end capital investments on business communications hardware and software and replace it with one unified multi-number smartphone-enabled dialer for business and personal use. At-a-stroke, SME staff need no longer have one mobile for private use and another for business use.

In Britain alone, the app could help 5 million plus small and medium sized businesses to slash the cost of communications by up to 50% on calling minutes alone. Significant savings will also be made by eliminating traditional communications hardware and maintenance in the enterprise.

Called RIPDialer, the app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and is for use over GSM and selected VoIP networks. It is available to distributers as a white label solution for their SME customers.

The market being addressed by RIPDialer in the UK alone exceeds £46 billion per annum. According to research from Kew Associates in 2014, the average spend per SME employee on telecom services is £600 per annum. Travel agencies spend more per annum (£1,000) per employee, whereas accommodation services spend less per annum per employee (£230).

RIPTec also announces today that it has appointed The Pink Telephone Company Limited as a distributor of its RIPDialer product. The product will be branded App2Chat and will be launched at The Business Show in London on 3rd & 4th December.

“App2Chat is destined to change the fundamental way companies do business,” says Nolan Braterman, Chairman, The Pink Telephone Company. “Until today, businesses were dependent on traditional hardware to handle calls in and out of the office. App2Chat provides quality communications and all the features and functionality of an expensive office telephone system at a fraction of the cost.”

According to research from PWC in March 2015, roughly half of Britain’s SMEs remain stuck in either an entirely pre-Unified Communications (UC) world or one whereby selected disparate UC functionalities are employed in a limited capacity, but not integrated. RIPDialer offers an immediate solution for 100% integrated UC in and beyond the enterprise.

RIPDialer features include a virtual smartnumber that sits on a personal or company subsidized smartphone SIM to make and receive business calls. The virtual number is seen by recipients as the “official” office number. For private calls and data, the user simply uses his/her SIM in the usual way and RIPDialer provides a personal space within the app for this purpose.

Other features of the system include voicemail, auto attendant, call transfer, call forwarding and recording, and number porting worldwide.

RIPTec has 12 years experience in providing telecommunications systems to blue-chip companies such as Shell Oil, overseas Embassies and the US Department of Defense. It also has expertise in the in-house development of bespoke commercial PBX and vPBX systems.

In 2013, the firm decided to add VoIP/SIP mobile solutions to its product portfolio and tested 23 different services to determine which one to add to its portfolio. After nine months trials and tests, RIPTec found that the call quality of these services, based on call, call loss and first time connectivity, had at best 28% and at worst 55% failure rates.

As a result of these poor call quality rates, the firm decided to develop its own GSM/VoIP solution to offer a much lower call failure rate and RIPDialer now offers a proven 99.9% success calling rate. The service runs on GSM/VoIP networks but at VoIP rates, has a Replicall service to repeat, duplicate or re-produce a phone number, and has a cloud link to PBX and vPBX exchanges.

“RIPDialer is a product of our always connected mobile world,” says Mark Trowbridge, RIPTec’s CEO. “By helping businesses to cut the cord with traditional communications hardware and software and replace it with one unified smartphone per employee, they can slash the cost of communications in business by at least half.”

RIPTec is looking to appoint further UK distributors to upsell vanilla versions of RIPDialer to their SME customers.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine