Rittal Eliminates Condensation from Waterproof Enclosures

One of the main problems in enclosures is the effects of thermal cycling and humidity. Hot air holds more moisture, which condenses on cold surfaces when the temperature drops. In an IP55 rated enclosure it is difficult to eliminate the condensation without compromising the IP rating.

Rittal has introduced a “condensation drain relief” which enables the liquid to be discharged below the enclosure while still maintaining the IP rating. Designed to be fitted to the enclosure floor, the polycarbonate device prevents splashes from the outside due to the labyrinth effect, and meets IP55 to EN60.529/09.2000 if correctly installed in a 16mm hole.

Alternative enclosures are available from Rittal which reduce the likelihood of condensation due to having twin walls which reduce the direct solar heating effect and therefore most condensation is formed between the wall skins. Condensation is then able to naturally discharge outside the enclosure, thus not adding to the internal moisture, and associated problems. In severe circumstances, or where particularly sensitive equipment is installed, Rittal have heaters to maintain minimum temperature in the enclosure.

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