Rittal guide rails can be varied in length

Rittal has introduced two ranges of guide rails for Printed Circuit Boards which can be made to suit any depth of PCB insertion.

Utilising plastic end pieces which include a funnel entry to ease PCB insertion, the new guides can be equipped with clips to discharge static charges from the board prior to full insertion. The end pieces are simply pushed into a central aluminium section which can be varied in length to suit any application.

One family of guide rails has 2HP (approximately 10mm) wide ends which are designed for snap-fastening to the horizontal rails of the Ripac subrack range, and which can be further screw fastened for additional rigidity.

The plastic end parts of the other range are 4HP (20mm) and are equipped with cavities to enable coding of the slot to prevent an incorrect PCB being fully inserted. These guide rail ends also have a second facility to safely discharge any static from the front panel to ground via the aluminium parts of the chassis or subrack.

Due to the aluminium centre section on both families of guide, these are particularly useful where high mechanical loads are required, as is normally the case with circuit boards in excess of 280mm depth.

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