Riverbed Delivers LAN-Like Performance for Remote and Mobile Workers

Wide-area data services company Riverbed Technology has announced the upcoming release of its new Steelhead Mobile product, a software client version of its WDS technology. The Steelhead Mobile software client is intended to deliver LAN-like application performance to any employee, whether on the road, working from home or connected wirelessly in the office.

An IDC report predicts that there will be approximately 543.1 million mobile office workers by 2009. The growth in mobile office workers is putting tremendous demands on IT as it struggles to deliver real-time performance to mobile staff and improve productivity. In addition, according to a BPM Forum report, 75 per cent of businesses see increases in remote workers, while 50 per cent of businesses have missed business opportunities because of slow communications.

In the same report, the BPM Forum states that 84 per cent of businesses see increasing IT challenges due to mobility. The convergence of these trends is driving the need for acceleration solutions, which must be simple to install and manage, and must integrate seamlessly into the existing infrastructure to facilitate the productivity of mobile workers.

With Steelhead Mobile, many file downloads that once took mobile or remote workers an hour can be completed in a couple of minutes or seconds. In addition to accelerating application performance, Steelhead Mobile often reduces bandwidth requirements. Riverbed has rigorously tested Steelhead Mobile with many of the most frequently used software applications to ensure compatibility. In addition, the Steelhead Mobile software is easy to install and manage and can be set up to be transparent to the user and the network.

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