Roaming Call-Back Operator launches Call-Through Services

Cloud9 Mobile, the UK Mobile Network Operator who pioneered Call-Back Roaming, announced today that they have launched Low Cost Roaming via Call-Through, not just in EU but with all Camel supported networks globally.

Cloud9 work with many white label Resellers in several different ways, helping them increase their revenues and at the same time reducing their subscriber’s roaming costs.

Previously being pioneers in Call-Back technology, they used this (and still do) to minimize IOT charges for outbound roaming costs. Now with Camel support, subscribers can dial as with their normal mobile service when roaming and still make substantial savings. The Call-Though set up with Cloud9 offers very competitive rates for calling within the EU, but when traveling throughout the rest of the world they can still force a Call-Back by adding # after the international number. This offers very low rates in comparison to roaming with a regular SIM card.

For inbound calls whilst roaming Cloud9 ‘s white label partners offer discounted or sometimes free inbound calls to their subscribers.

The Cloud9 Roaming Hub offers the Resellers instant roaming agreements with over 560 Mobile Network Operators in over 200 countries. This global coverage is typically 25% higher than the large UK MNOs. One SIM card offers global coverage for voice, SMS and data, as well as using Multi IMSI technology for local call costs in countries such as the US. The company claim that they offer wholesale roaming data in the US for as little as $0.09 per MB.

The Cloud9 service is provided as a White Label Product. This means a Reseller is supplied with SIM cards that can have the Resellers own chosen branding and most importantly the subscribers that are brought on to the service are owned and managed by the Reseller itself. The Reseller is able to set the terms and conditions under which the service is provided, and the retail rates that are charged to the subscribers for voice calls, data sessions and SMS messaging. Any prepayment taken from the subscriber in advance of these calls being made is held by the Reseller. This typically leads to a very positive cash flow for the Reseller as they hold the credit in advance and are able to specify conditions on credit expiry and breakage. The Reseller is free to market the product however they choose, using their own branding which can be carried through to displaying the company name on the handset itself at all times.

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